Anarch City Blues

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Anarch City Blues
LST Brand
Location Madison, Wisconsin
Meets: 4th Saturdays
Cities Territory of Madison
Site Fee: $5 site fee
Troupe Website Madison Anarch City Blues Facebook Group

Style Sheet Information

  • Themes: Cold War Tension, Espionage, Survival
  • Tone: Serious - We aren't going to approve silly concepts, and while some players may choose to act silly the game will not reinforce those decisions narratively.
  • Premise: Madison sits as a road hub to the Midwest. Vampires have fought over the city as long as 90/94 has run close to it. The fighting came to a serious head in the 70’s and a government agency with a three letter acronym along with leaders from the vampire factions forced an uneasy cease fire within the city proper. The Sabbat and Camarilla hang at the edges of the city occasionally coming in to feed or meet with the Anarchs that have happily set up shop in the shadow of something that scares even the Ivory Tower and the Sword of Caine.

    The Game opens up on a modern Madison, where for the last 40 years there has been a cold war. Information about movements outside the city, small skirmishes between packs and coteries, and a general straining at the leash has made for very tense times. Recently there was a government shutdown that caused big brother to look away for a few weeks and dangerous secrets made their way into the hands of a few Anarchs. What will they do with the information?

    It’s a tough world living at the crossroads of the Jyhad, but it’s a better life than some have.
  • General Conceits: Being that this game is held so close to a major political center both for the state and country, there will be a few conceits that will be asked of all Patrons by the Writing staff.

    Anything that causes widespread panic or chaos will not work within a certain radius of the capitol dome. This includes but is not limited to: powers that cause mass hysteria/ madness, explosives, frenzies, rampages, etc.

    If a player is approached by a TLA agent and incapacitated they will will wake up outside of a restricted zone with no other ill effects (the first three times). On the fourth successive attempt the character will be terminated by fiat. This can be mitigated by roleplay. (The Spirit of the rule): This should stand as a generally understood “bounds” system so that players know when they are overreaching. The out of bounds areas are the Capitol Dome, and The Dane County Regional Airport.

    We ask that all Patron Characters be aware of these two things when they play in Madison so that they are not caught by surprise.
  • Information for Travelers: Travel into Madison can be done via the various major ground thoroughfares. Vampiric travel through the airport is prohibited unless the vampire can easily pass for human without the use of powers. (Whisper of life or Personal Masquerade, Etc.). To simulate Madison being an island in the Darkness players Travelling into the city will be asked to draw a playing card based on the direction they're coming from to simulate the possibility of running into a danger.

    From the North: 90/94 passes through several small Wisconsin towns and many miles of rural farmland there are all manner of threats from the North. Travelers from the North may use the first level ability of Underworld Influence to skip the card draw and simply arrive safely

    From the South: The Sabbat occasionally make a point that their territory is outside of the city proper and use Highway 51 to occasionally harass I 90. Travelers from the South may use the first level ability of Underworld Influence to skip the card draw and simply arrive safely

    From the East: There are no major threats to travelers between Milwaukee and Madison. Travelers from the East need not draw.

    From the West: The underdeveloped southwestern portion of the state are full of things that go bump in the night none the least of which are the terrifying rumors of Lupines. Travelers from the West may use the first level ability of Underworld Influence to skip the card draw and simply arrive safely.

    Gangrel Travelling from the North and West can also travel freely. and need not draw cards.

    Characters with Obfuscate, Presence, or Dominate and the appropriate ability synergy may elect to spend a blood point to mitigate any and all dangers as well.

    If a Danger is drawn (Red J,K,Q) then the traveler will come in with a single level of aggravated damage and down an extra blood trait. Abilities that can mitigate damage will be able to test down the lethal. A character may take that lethal on any armor they have as well. The LST will narrate a quick scene (two or three sentences) based on the direction of approach and players will be sent into game, having reached Madison.

    If a Red Ace is drawn then the LST will award the travelling player an item card based on the direction of approach and the character will take no damage, but instead be asked to spend a blood and a willpower point from their sheet to represent the use or resources in the narrated fight.

    Any other unlisted abilities or merits that would help mitigate the circumstances of the danger may also be allowed at LST discretion.
  • Proxies and Virtual Players: Madison requires that you physically attend a game to affect the events of said game. We will not allow characters to have their sheets proxied by a storyteller and DO NOT approve the proxy of characters based in Madison: Anarch City Blues. Similarly we will not host characters via skype, IRC, or any other online media format. The noted exception is Organizationally approved forms of online communication (i.e. National Email Lists, any approved, official Online chronicles (if they exist) etc. If your character is based in Madison: Anarch City Blues and you wish to have your character travel physically in an online scene we ask that you speak with the LST, OST, and LST of the game that you are travelling to first (and at the same time) to determine if the scene can be resolved with physical travel, or by digital communication in character, without the need for IC physical travel.