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DEPRECATED PAGE. Chronicle 1 has completed. This information relates to a previous chronicle and should not be changed.

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Paducah, KY
Player: Sarah Weekes
Storyteller: Paducah ST Group
Calvaria the Bone Queen


It is known that Calvaria was not born with this name, but took it up when she forsook her humanity. It is translated from her original language into Latin, meaning 'skull'. Her work in creating astudans and ossuraries has coined her the title 'The Bone Queen'. Her childer affectionately refer to her as 'Calvs' or 'Bones', and she in turn affectionately allows other Nosferatu refer to as such. In her interactions with others, she prefers either 'Madame Calvaria' or 'The Bone Queen', or similar formal addresses.


Acknowledged In: Paducah, KY, Louisville, KY

Abiding: Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Enforcer (Keeper), Guardian (Keeper)

Fleeting: Favored by Badger, Favored by Gordon d'Orleans


  •  ??? (First Generation)
  •  ??? (Second Generation)
  •  ??? (Third Generation)
  • Baba Yaga, The Iron Hag (Fourth Generation), Deceased
  • Gutka, The Salt Queen (Fifth Generation)
  • Calvaria, The Bone Queen (Sixth Generation)
  • Lesser Generations: Rook The Bone Whisperer, Constin Toma The Bone Breaker, Kora Satin The Bone Fang, Donny, Copperhead the Bone Knight, Ivan the Bone Crusher


Calvaria the Bone Queen appears as though she a young woman. She has the appearance of a bloated corpse with discolored skin that varies from yellow-green to deep purple. Her facial features are sunken in and skull-like, and her hands and feet are black and boney. Several patches of hair are missing from her head. She prefers to wear a mask with the appearance of a crow skull. She does so to protect the Masquerade and because she enjoys carrying the visage of skulls or bones. She almost always wears black, preferring the way it holds a clean looking appearance even after she has traversed the sewers. She is always accompanied by rats, and has a pet rat named "Squeakers".


Early History

It is estimated that Calvaria was Embraced approximately 3000 years ago in the area now known geographically/politically as the Middle East. Little is known about her life as a mortal, but much is known about her early workings as a Kindred. Not long after she was Embraced, Calvaria forsook her humanity. Taking after her sire Gutka, she formed a cult following to sustain herself. She also utilized this cult as a means to protect her childer and other Nosferatu.

Peak Activity

Calvaria and her cultists infiltrated religious organizations and their temples, creating havens within and beneath them to shelter the Nosferatu. She and her cultists would subtly influence and supernaturally control kine into following their orders. She is accredited with influencing burial practices of the Zoroastrians, creating what were known as astudans or the Tower of Silence. She used this as a means of warding off enemies of her Clan. Eventually she infiltrated Judaism and Christianity, creating the practice of ossuaries for burying bodies. Her most famous examples are the Sedlect Ossuaryin the Czeh Republic and the Catacombes de Paris. She considers these her most artful works. Her active period stretches from the 13th to the 19th century.

Long Rest

Calvaria travelled to the United States in the late 1800's. She found a safe place in the New World, far away from humanity's reach to build an underground haven. She sealed her tomb and gave her childer the location of her resting place. She told them to wake her in the year 1999, in time to watch the dawn of a new millennium. However, during the Nights of Turmoil, her childer lost the location of her tomb. When the chaos settled and her childer deemed it safe to look for her, they found that she was buried beneath a building. She was woken and informed of all the events that transpired in her rest. She moved to the Domain of Paducah, Kentucky in 2015, and lived there from approximately June to November of 2015

Term as Harpy

Calvaria spent September to November of 2015 as Harpy. In her words, "I was Master Harpy for roughly two months. And in that time, I gathered a lovely bouquet of accomplishments." She assisted the Prince of Paducah in performing a city-wide Symbol. She assisted the Prince of Milwaukee in setting up a conference of Harpies. In her term, Calvaria was presented evidence that Leon and Raven Godfrey had broken the stipulation of a boon given to them by a Prince. After finding the evidence sufficient, she declared the now-Myrmidon Godfrey a Boonbreaker (as it is presumed that Raven Godfrey is deceased.) While she served as Harpy, she found Architect Gordon d'Orleans to be Favored in her eyes. The Imperator Karsh, who had found the Architect to be Warned, found Calvaria Vulgar. This Vulgar was the reason the Primogen Council provided as sufficient as means to remove her from Harpy, and place the then-Primogen Emerald as Harpy instead. At the announcement, it was reported that Calvaria emitted a most unsettling cackle and announced to the Gathering "I pity you." Within 48 hours, Prince Lise of Louisville offered her the position of Keeper in her Domain, to which Calvaria accepted. Several days later, the Harpy Emerald followed her sire Azazel in leaving the Camarilla to become Independents.

The Present

Calvaria currently stands as an Elder of Louisville, KY. She assisted her grandchilde Donny in constructing an ossuary in Louisville, KY. Constructed from the bones of Native American skeletons, it is a cultural and historical piece of history. At a regional Conclave in April 2016, the ossuary was named Elysium. The event was commemorated by Calvaria receiving a punishment from the Harpy Yoshida Shizuko for making a mistake that a number of Harpies had to correct. Calvaria and Yoshida wielded the Harpy's katana together, her arm was severed and gifted to the Harpies as an apology. Several Kindred were appalled by the display, however, several were equally as impressed by the Keeper's commitment to justice in the Ivory Tower.

Publicly Known Facts

-Calvaria was found Vulgar by Karsh the Imperator in October 2015.

-Calvaria is a loremaster and rumor collected, she enjoys sharing information (for a price).

-She is fluent in Latin.

-Leads a cult of kine.

-Is known to be on a Path of Enlightenment.

-Has a very twisted sense of humor, and has an unsettling laugh.

-Enjoys learning about the modern culture of kine.


-It is believed that Calvaria has closely worked with Toreador in the past, and still associates with members of the Clan.

-It is rumored that members of her lineage 'disappear'.

-Calvaria is an adoptive sire of many Nosferatu.

-There are old rumors that Calvaria is the cause of a handful of Tremere 'disappearances'.

-Calvaria and Lise are in a coterie together.


"Et Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est" Tranlsation: "For knowledge itself is power"

Calvaria posts a video of Jake from Adventure Time when she finds somethng amusing on internet forums.

"As it stands, you're trying to climb a rope ladder slick with grease, and someone has lit a match beneath you." In advice to an Ancilla Ventrue Harpy.

"One must tread carefully through the halls of the Tower, lest he find himself cast out of the highest window to fall to his demise." Addressing the actions of Geode the Gargoyle.

"Calvaria, Revered Elder and Bone Queen your words intrigue and tease like the Gordian Knot that quivers like a mass of tongues licking the collective heart of the Ivory Tower. Your lips are a flute and your ears are a viol and your eyelashes are a tambor. Your symphony that you play throughout the ages comforts and terrifies us. You are a treasure." -Hopscotch