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Marty "The Mad Dog" Teller was raised at the height of the '70's British Punk Revolution. The son of working class parents, Marty grew up in the squalor of London's East End. He quickly learned to resent authority and to hate a system that he knew he'd never be able to break into. He was a perfect fit for the iconoclastic London Punk Underground, where he and a gaggle of disillusioned young men endeavored to be the first to kill themselves with drugs, booze, and good living. When, in 1976, Marty drunkenly started a brawl with a local Anarch Gang at a show, he managed to win that race.

Marty spent the next two decades with the Down and Outs, a Gang notorious for its violence and destructive capability. The D/O's became (much to their own shock) relatively well respected among the local Anarch Movement. Still, Marty chaffed at what he perceived as a lack of any real freedom in the Movement. He grew tired of being constantly subservient to the local Camarilla, and began to even resent the otherwise enjoyable violence he perpetrated on their behalf. He left the D/O's and relocated to the United States in 1991.

Everything went pear shaped in '93, when Marty lost his wits and gutted the local Baron at a Rant. For less than two months, Mad Dog tried to responsibly execute his role as the new Baron of the area. Politics didn't suit him, but neither did surrender, and he was run out of town and Marked.

Out of options and away from home, Mad Dog was easy pickings for recruitment to the Nomads of the Sabbat.


Mad Dog is a staunch Loyalist and Idealist, though his look might indicate otherwise. He has been a member of a handful of Nomad packs, recently traveling with the Nodist scholar and genuine crazy person Oracle of Tsurr.

He has established himself in Atlanta as a brilliant, if nontraditional, tactician and war fighter. He has recently been inducted to and named Ductus off Misericorde.


*He secretly has excellent manners and a lofty upper crust London accent that he just covers up to appear more "punk rock".

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Sabbat
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: James Davey
Storyteller: Andrew Sayman