Red Tower

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The Red Tower
LST Mike Rilee
Location Greensboro, NC
Meets: Twice a month (Saturday Nights)
Cities Domain of Guilford
Site Fee: Game fee is $3.00, Must pay Patron costs to Underground Theater to earn XP
Troupe Website The Red Tower Facebook Group
Costume requirement Players are encouraged to dress up
Things we don't like Rules lawyers

General Conceits

  • Anarch and Independent characters are discouraged until a healthy Camarilla character-base has been established as we feel a smaller game would benefit from a more unified sect membership; once we hit that critical mass we will lift this restriction.
  • Players may not swap to alternate characters mid-session and must provide the STs with notice prior to swapping characters between games.
  • Praxis positions (Prince, Primogen, Sheriff, etc.) will be comprised of player characters as we strive to limit unnecessary NPCs in favor of player characters.
  • We encourage our new members to ask questions and we ask our veteran players to support and mentor them in turn.

Costuming Requirements

We ask that all players wear at least one (1) article of clothing or prop which represents their characters to let others know when they are in play. We feel that costuming is well worth the effort and enhances the immersion, suspension of disbelief, and quality of the event. Full costuming is *strongly* encouraged.

Good Form/Bad Form Gaming Policy

In addition to the Underground Theater Code of Conduct, our local troupe members and any visiting players agree to abide by the following policy: As we're all adults, our Bad Form policy empowers our players to call Shenanigans on other players when they're engaged in an activity which we might consider Bad Form on the field.

These things include but are not limited to: Blatant negative Meta-Gaming, constantly stepping out of RP, disrupting the game in an out of character way, physical contact without asking, etc.

In addition to redress through an ST (if they're more comfortable with that), we've encouraged our players to pull the offending party aside or call them out and say something like: "Hey, Bad Form, let's get back into character." or "Are you sure your character would know that? Isn't that Bad Form?" or "Bad Form, don't touch me."

In that way we self-police and are responsible to each other and the quality of the game. If the situation requires more than a polite request, it should be referred to an ST.

On the flipside, you might consider the "Good Form" statement very similar to the way in which you can reward other players Willpower for a cool scene or great role playing as per the By Night rulebook.