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DEPRECATED PAGE. Chronicle 1 has completed. This information relates to a previous chronicle and should not be changed.

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Anarch
City: Oklahoma City, OK
Player: Jonathon Hammond
Storyteller: Will Keller


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The Kindred now known as Tessler didn't always have that name. Whoever he was in life, it caught the attention of a monstrous experimenter among the Nosferatu clan, who destroyed that life, and then arranged a public death. Whether it was through the blood bond, or simple social sadism, the sire kept the childe under his thumb while extorting him for his technological knowledge for a number of years. Ever step away from the master was a hard fought battle. When the leash was finally at a comfortable length, Tessler was released from the accounting. Within a few years of that, he'd joined the Anarch movement.

Some thing this was a coup on the part of a rival to his sire. Others think it was the inevitable result of oppression.

Between 1992 and 1996, sire and childe waged a shadow war on each others holdings. The sire was too proud to call on allies to bulwark his holdings against the wrathful fledgling. The childe was under no such compulsion, and his campaign was largely fruitful, proving his loyalty to the Anarch Movement as well as proving his aptitude at logistical destruction.

Whether it was Tessler's doing or not, the sire met his end in 1996, an event that seemed to surprise him.

Regardless, while Tessler has always been friendly and open with other Nosferatu, he seldom speaks of the one who made him.

The Present

Tessler briefly traveled to the Pine Bluff holdings of the Anarch Movement, in Arkansas. The set who started that free state, sometimes called the Sons of Ares, seemed to have disappeared. He dug in, set up shop, and began to try and find them, to no avail. When an ambitious Anarch moved into the territory and claimed the title of Baron without speaking to him directly, he sighed, picked up his stakes and moved to Yukon Territory. Subtlety and efficiency are important to him.


Committed to the Anarch Movement


  • Tessler can only speak in L33T.
  • Tessler is a hacker.
  • It is said that he has no mouth, and that he uses digital means to replicate a voice.
  • Some say he's the originator of the Path of Technomancy.
  • Some others say that only Tremere practice blood magic.
  • Tessler seems to have no love for Clan Tremere, at least the members of the bloodline in the Camarilla.
  • As an Anarch, he's been called lazy, as he isn't a frontline fighter. But he does seem to enjoy the planning phase.


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