Titalia Florea Giovanni

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Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Anarch
City: Madison, WI
Player: Vess Vanos
Storyteller: Madison LST
Titalia panel.png

Commonly Known Information

  • Titalia is a free Tremere that resides somewhere around Madison, and is a Loyal member of the Anarch Movement of Madison. The chantry of Shattered Chains is under her control.
  • As of December 2016, she is the Advocate of Madison. Madison citizens- primarily those of her chantry- seem puzzled on whether to call her "Magistra Advocate" or "Advocate Magistra" or any combination of the two. Perhaps "Magistradvocate" will do.
  • She is a powerful occultist.
  • She is the founder of the first free Anarch Chantry: The Chantry of Shattered Chains.
  • She goes by the title Magistra. This appears to be related to her chantry.
  • Titalia is very suspicious of other Tremere and avoids them whenever possible.
  • Until January of 2016, Titalia called herself a Caitiff, and still seems to prefer the term. Having no ties to her true clan, and active loathing for Pyramid members of her own blood, it seems that she isn't much of a Tremere at all. However, following some interesting turn of events in late December 2015, she let it be known to the Movement that she was of Tremere blood and that she planned to somehow strengthen the Movement by creating a new society within it.
  • Titalia has a strong fondness for the Telyav, and is extremely protective of them.
  • Speaking of Telyav, she has played a large part in freeing Telyav across Wisconsin and helping integrate them into the Movement. Among these Telyav are Alec Maine and Leyla. She has become known for her work with free Telyav, and is looked up to by them.
  • Some even believe that she is Telyav, and she does not correct them. Perhaps she is an honorary Telyav.
Titalia's first selfie with her friend Elliott Lee.


The information stated below is known only to those who came into possession of Eliza's handbook in the Madison game of February 28th. It is no where close to word-for-word, but it is a generalization of Titalia's history as noted by her wife.

The New World

In 1865, with the help of Captain Estavan Marcelino, Titalia traveled with Eliza to the United States to help firmly establish the family's place. Titalia, ever loyal to her Giovanni wife, went along with her. As Eliza worked with the Giovanni in Madison, Titalia's curiosity went to the Anarchs. She worked with them mostly from the sidelines, finding a bit of kindred spirit in the way they broke free from their elders- likening it to the way she had broken free from Dr.Janus so long ago. Once Eliza was done with her work in Madison, the two traveled throughout the United States, getting to know the country in the same way they got to know many countries in Europe. In the year of 1927, Titalia met the man who would later become her retainer, Lucien. At 17, he broke into a party Titalia was attending with her wife and many other Giovanni. Titalia grew attached to the boy right away, much to Eliza's chagrin, but eventually Eliza decided that Titalia's happiness was more important than her jealousy and allowed the relationship to blossom.

At the coming of World War II, in 1939, Eliza was called back to Italy to help with her family, but Titalia didn't want to leave the New World. So she tearfully bid farewell to Eliza once again, promising to closely keep in touch with her until the other woman returned to America. She then continued her travels and studies with Lucien at her side.

Lucien dances with Titalia before figuring out she has a wife. Awkward.

The Present

Upon the re-establishment of the Anarch Movement in Madison, Titalia's interest in the Movement rekindled. This time, she decided, she would fully commit to the Movement, and become a more active member. But it wasn't until Eliza's return to the United States that she finally decided to go through with it. She reunited with Eliza and the two of them began to pour their energy into the area and the surrounding cities. Eliza had become emissary of the Giovanni's alliance to the Anarchs of the area, and Titalia kept close as her dear wife. She now helps the city of Madison on occult matters.

A short comic hinting at Titalia's past with Dr.Janus and her relationship with Eliza.

Rumors and Trivia

  • It is said that Titalia is working on a project that will create a community for the Thaumaturgically-inclined in the Movement.
  • Despite the death of Titalia's wife, Eliza Giovanni, Titalia seems to still consider the Giovanni her family- and the feeling is mutual.
  • While it was never an easy feat to make Titalia genuinely smile, it appears as though Titalia has become very distant and cold following the death of Lucien and Kyle Hooke.
  • Sometimes, Titalia has bangs. Sometimes she does not. It seems as though her newest trend is going without.
  • Those who have spent a deal of time with Titalia notice that she is particularly fond of older etiquette, and god help those who don't follow it around her, especially in her haven.
  • She seems to be growing increasingly fond of Lucien's Shiba Inu.
  • It also seems as though she has a thing for Malkavians.
  • Is allergic to dogs.
  • Many individuals address her as "Lady" Titalia. This is usually either followed by polite silence, or an apology and a quick correction. She will inform kindred that "Lady" was a title other particular individuals in her life used for her- Lucien apparently having been one of them, as his usage of the title with her name likely resulted in the trend. The correction will usually end in the statement that "Magistra" is her preferred title.
  • Jacob Lee and Titalia are actually very good friends, and her entire kidnapping was a sham.
  • Di Zagreb ordered Titalia's abduction so he could propose marriage to her.


Common Information

  • Lucien, who only seemed to go by his first name, was Titalia's dearly loved ghoul and seemed to be just as active in the Movement as Titalia herself.
  • The man seemed to possess quite a bit of occult knowledge, if only from being with Titalia for so long.
  • The circumstances of his ghouling were not well-known, but it has been heard that he possibly had a terminal disease at the time. When asked about his ghouling, he claimed it was his choice and that he guilted Titalia into going through with it.
  • He was tall, at 6'6.
  • He was well spoken and very polite until provoked.
  • Possessed quite a bit of charisma and people skills.
  • Loved coffee. So much. Also was a fan of Jameson Irish Whiskey, and Irish Breakfast Tea.
  • He loved science fiction and fantasy, and often played World of Warcraft or read in the little free time he had.
  • Among kindred other than Titalia, Lucien tended to get along pretty well with the Movement of Madison, who either treated him like a friend, or like he didn't exist. There was no in-between. He appeared to be great friends with Elliott Lee, Tyke, Captain Estavan, Melinda Kaye, and Jadvyga.
  • Through some random hijinks, he came into the possession of four shiba inu, whom he named Kyoshi, Roku, Aang, and Korra because he was a fan. With Elliott's help, he trained the dogs and they have now become a part of the family. #chantrydefenses
  • He had given quite a bit of thought towards being Embraced, but has been talked out of it by many kindred. Titalia herself had claimed that she would never want to to be the one to kill him, and that her heart would break at seeing the light stolen from his eyes by the Curse. It seemed that he knew what clan he'd want to be, but kept it secret.
  • He once seemed to get along pretty well with Kyle Hooke, but it seemed that a while ago, the Malkavian did something to piss him off. After his death and at the summon of his wraith, Lucien did little to mend the rift that had grown between them.
Lucien drinking coffee and reading a newspaper with his Shiba Inus.
  • Lucien was murdered on the day of October 8th by two police officers who opened fire on him in his favourite coffee shop. Titalia hosted a funeral for him a few weeks later and has not been the same since.
  • Was apparently a good friend of Clayton "Tyke" Smith, despite expectations, and was regarded as an honorary member of the HAMMC. Apparently, the two police who killed Lucien disappeared shortly, with reports of several men in black masks waving guns.