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What do i put on this Wiki?

That's a great question.

The purpose of the UT Wiki is a repository of information created for the Underground Theater organization. In short: We are not a genre Wiki. We will not be a replacement for the By Night Studios Book. So, for example, we won't put what a Malkavian is, who we'll put who is a Malkavian.

What you should add to the Wiki

  • Your Character
    • Things people know about your character, like their clan, status, and history. Anything you put on here is considered public knowledge about your character unless otherwise stated.
    • A photo representation of your character
  • Your Domain of Diocese.
    • The officers of that city
    • A history of that city
  • Your Troupe
    • Your troupe VSS
    • Your meeting place, site fee, and contact info
  • Yourself! (A user page)

What you shouldn't add to the Wiki

  • Descriptions of Clans, powers, or histories described in the By Night Studios book.
  • Descriptions or histories of Canon NPC's.
  • Any text copied or paraphrased from the White Wolf Wiki (though referencing their pages as a resource link is okay).
  • Information about other players' characters, without their permission (such as instructions to add quotes or rumors). When in doubt talk to the player or their LST.
  • Any text copied from a published White Wolf source of any kind.

I hope this helps explain some of what we are trying to do with the Wiki here. Cheers!